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Christmas Surprise at Cumberland Pointe 

December 13, 2019
Santa's elves have nothing on Cumberland Pointe staff! This week the principal of Martins Ferry High School called asking to surprise a resident. Ms. Turvey is a second-generation Purple Rider FANatic. When the administration and faculty at the school heard she was with us, they wanted to make sure she knew exactly how important she is to the entire school. A plan was quickly hatched to bring some Purple Rider love to Ms. Turvey. High school seniors accompanied by the principal and superintendent brought an adorable Rider tree, flowers, balloons, and many good wishes to a well-deserved lady.

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Cumberland Pointe Update
We are looking forward to the day we open our doors to you, until then, please do your part and stay home, and most importantly be well.

Hallway Bingo at Cumberland Pointe
Our residents enjoyed our social distancing activity!

Stay Safe, Stay Home
For all of the nurses, the STNA's and CNA's, the housekeepers and laundry people, the dietary staff, do it for all of us.

Cumberland Pointe Update, Virtual Communication Invite
The staff at Cumberland Pointe are dedicated to the care or the residents of our facility.

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